​​​​​​​At Mil Potrero Water Company there are many choices for paying your bills.

 1. Pay with cash at the office during regular business hours.

 2.  Pay with personal checks, either in person or by mail to PO Box W Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222.  After business hours drop checks in the drop slot located outside the office entrance.  If you prefer doing on-line checks with your bank, remember, those checks do not get credited to your water account immediately. They are printed and mailed to us by your banking institution.

 3.  Pay by credit card or electronic check by phone at (833) EZ-TO-PAY or (833) 398-6729.  Select the third option and use jurisdiction code
1566, which identifies our company.  Or pay online by going to
www.officialpayments.com using the same jurisdiction code (1566). The Water Company will receive the information the next business day and credit your account as of the date you made the transaction.

4. Download the Debit Authorization form from the link below. Complete the form with an attached voided check and mail it to our office or scan and email it to books@mpmwc.com and we will send you an email informing you the date your account will be debited.

If your property is rented and you would like the bill to go to the renter's mailing address, please click on the link below and complete the Tenant Address Change Form and return it to our office. 


If you would like to sign up for paperless billing go to "Contact Us" tab and complete the form and we will start emailing your statements to you.


Mil Potrero Mutual Water Company

Ph:     (661) 242-3230   Fax:  (661) 242-3232

Scan a personal check and email it to