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​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. So what does MPMWC mean?
 A. MPMWC stands for Mil Protero Mutual Water Company. Mil Potrero is Spanish for Thousand Pastures.

 Q. Where is the most recent Consumer Confidence Report CCR?
 A. Go to Water Quality page for this report.

 Q. Where can I find the Rules, Regulations and Rates regarding my rights as a shareholder/customer?
 A. Current RR&R's can be found on the Governing Documents page.

 Q. Why do we pay an assessment into the water company?

 A. We are a mutually owned water company and as such, each parcel holds a water share and each owner is a shareholder in the water company. An annual assessment of $275.00 (billed July of every year) for non-connected parcels, $450.00 (billed $112.50 quarterly) for 3/4" connected meters and $535.00 (billed $133.75 quarterly) for 1" connected meters. This assessment pays for operation of the company which includes but is not limited to, maintenance of wells, pumps and tanks, the treatment plan, transmission, distribution and service lines and the running of the administrative office. 

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
 Office: (661) 242-3230 Hours 8 AM thru 4:30 PM
 Fax: (661) 242-3232
 Emergencies after office hours - call (661) 307-1031 

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JUly 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m

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