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Mil Potrero Mutual Water Company

Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection

MPMWC Temporary Business Policy

In an effort to keep our employees safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, access to the MPMWC office WILL NOT be granted to any vendors, customers, or outside solicitors.
Our operations will continue during this time. MPMWC will continue to accommodate our employees and customers. All person to person meetings will be replaced with telephone or online meetings until it is advisable for in-person meetings to resume.
MPMWC will continue to operate as normal, without person to person contact during business hours. Office staff and Water Operators will continue to work and maintain the water supply as normal while avoiding person to person contact as much as possible.
MPMWC will re-evaluate this temporary policy continually and make adjustments as needed or per the government’s instructions. For now, this policy will remain in effect until the status of the current crisis changes.
If you have questions, please call the office at 661-242-3230 or for after hour water emergencies, please page our on-call operator at 661-307-1031.
Thank you for understanding and continued support,
Rob Carruth, GM